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Grain Belt Nordeast

All the rage around town over the past few weeks has been the introduction of “Grain Belt Nordeast”. Released exclusively to Northeast Minneapolis bars and liquor stores, this brand new brew sold out on the first day it was available. Luckily, I got my case.

In 1893 the Grain Belt Brewery opened its doors along the banks of the Mississippi River in Northeast Minneapolis. Over the years the brand has been brewed by several different breweries, but since the mid-nineties those duties have fallen upon the shoulders of Schell's Brewery in New Ulm.

The brew was called "Nordeast" in tribute to the largely Eastern European population that had called Northeast Minneapolis home for decades (apparently a few people had trouble pronouncing the “th”and thus Nordeast was born), including my family. This area of Minneapolis has thrived and grown into a diverse arts district and showplace for some of the city's most talented chefs. The former Grain Belt brewery currently houses a library, small businesses, and galleries galore.

Darker than the original Grain Belt, it also has a citrusy undertone that goes great with deep-fried cheese, grilled sausages and other unhealthy but delicious foods.

But really Jess, how is it? Well my friend, better than your average big brew...but that's hardly the point, now is it?

--Jess Jellings