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Surly Beer in the Chiricahuas

Issue # 02- Summer 2010 Continuing Scenic Brews

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Featured Stories:
Cellaring Beer
--Thomas Ale Johnson

Confessions of a Beer Snob
--Thomas Ale Johnson

Beer & Pizza
--Kevin Howard

Whiskies of the World
--Kevin Howard

The Adroit Alcoholic
Learn to Drink the Joe Way
--Joe Bjorklund

500 Square Feet of Heaven
A conversation with Jason Alvey of the Four Firkins

--Joe Bjorklund

Man of the Kloth
Q&A With Ron Kloth of Papago Brewing

--Thomas Ale Johnson

The Tea Totaler - "The Great Tea Experiment"
--Jess Jellings

Grain Belt Nordeast
--Jess Jellings

Xtra Miles
--Jon Harahan

Cartoons: Joe & Beer

Tasting Notes:
The Last Drop

A final salute to some single malt soldiers

n00b n0tes
--Sam Hanssard

SNOB! Tequila - The Ant-iVenom

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About our writers:

Thomas Ale Johnson - Thomas is an accomplished all-grain brewer, third year winemaker, amateur microbiologist & professional graphic artist, copywriter and SEO specialist.

Heath Stockard - Heath lives in Ogden, Utah and the current waypoint on his journey of beer is owner of Grains Grapes & Grounds, a homebrew supply store where he helps to enlighten and inspire others to the limitless expanse that is beer.

Joe Bjorklund - Is a writer & comedian and really loves beer.

Kevin Howard - Kevin practices law in the Sacramento area by day and is enjoying learning about the Art of pizza and the finer points of craft brewing on nights and weekends. He also spends a decent amount of his off time playing Rock Band and other games online and tries to keep up to date with technology and gadgets while also reading classic literature.

Sam Hanssard - Relatively new to great beer, Sam will try to remind us of where we were not too long ago, while learning fast enough to be a good guide to all the eager but clueless n00bs out there.

Jess Jellings - Jess hangs her hat in Minneapolis and gets paid to watch baseball. While tea is her beverage of choice, she never passes up an opportunity to partake in a local microbrew.

Jon Harahan - Jon graduated in 2008 from Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania with a degree in English. He fought for the Shippensburg Boxing Club. He is originally from Downingtown, Pennsylvania. He’s still in Downingtown, Pennsylvania, and works for Victory Brewing Company.

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